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Tailored Web Design Solutions

Are you looking for a custom website built to your needs? Then contact our team of web design specialists who can design, build, manage, integrate and host your website on your behalf.

We are experts when it comes to slick, fast and professional websites that will engage your users and enhance your company and brand. We have years of experience in website building, internet marketing and web hosting, and no project is too big or too small.

We specialise in assisting small and medium sized companies develop an online identity and give themselves a competitive edge; we also work with charities and organisations ensuring they have an effective website that aids their work in the community.

Custom Websites

We can design, build and host your own website, whether you are looking to give your business an online identity, or rehome or redesign an existing website. We work hard to ensure that your website is a sound investment for your business: increasing your sales and enhancing your companies brand.

Please contact us below if you would like more information or if you would like to arrange an informal meeting.

Simple Packages

We have developed some simple, flat priced packages aimed at helping small businesses get the website they need at a fantastic price. With these packages we will design and build a website that compliments your business and will ensure your website is added to the Google search engine, increasing the visability of your business.

Small Business

Are you a builder, or a plumber, or a gardener, or any other small business, Charity or community group? Are you looking to get online with the minimum of fuss and cost? Well, our Small Business webdesign and hosting is made for you.

You will get a 10 page website designed and built for you, with email addresses and contact forms configured. Your website will be included in the Google search engine and Google places.

The website will be set up using a CMS system that will allow you to update and edit the information without any programming skills.

The Cost? Just £150 for the first year, and then £75 a year after that and of course this includes unlimited hosting and your very own domain.

Online Shop

Do you want to have your own online shop? Up and running and built to your needs? We have developed a simple package for you!

We will design and build a shopping website with up to 30 products, Payment methods configured, free SSL cerftificate and a dedicated IP address for added security.

The website will be set up with a CMS system allowing you to add and remove products, update pricing and stock levels with just a few clicks.

Simple Pricing, Just £250 for the first year and then £75 a year after that with our unlimited hosting and a free domain.

Dedicated Solutions

For thoses businesses which are the web we can offer tailored and bespoke solutions based on your needs. If your business is your website then you need a host you can rely on. Points Webhosting can offer Dedicated servers and custom built websites and solutions that will give your business the support it needs.

Dedicated Servers

We can set up, manage and host UK based dedicated severs taiored to your needs. Whether its Windows or Linux. High specification or a simple solution are dedicated servers will ensure the best performance for your website


Dedicated resource, the server is yours and only used by you.

Root/adminstrator Access allows you to accessyour server, run custom processes and install any programs you want

See our selection of dedicated server specifications or contact us with any custom requirements and features

Professional Web design

We can design, build and host your website, whether you are looking to give your business an online identity, or rehome or redesign an existing website. We work hard to ensure that your website is a sound investment for your business: increasing your sales and enhancing your companies brand.

We will use our expertise to produce a professional website that looks great, does what you want it to do and will be optimised for search engines.

Always included:

- Custom and unique website design.

- Free Advice and consultation

Please contact us for details or to discuss your requirements

Getting Your Site noticed

Once your website is up and running, you need to get people to visit it. This is where you enter the world of Search engine optimisation (SEO) and Search engine marketing (SEM). But don't fear we know what we are doing and can help you.

We can offer managed campaigns on Google adwords, Bing Network and Facebooks ads. We will optimise the adverts to be as effective as possible and work within your budgets. The cost is just £75 per year (plus advertising costs)


Search engine marketing is very cost effective way of advertising your business. Using platforms such as Google Adwords, The Bing Network and Facebook you can put your business in front thousands of targeted customers.

We are experts in Search engine marketing and can work with you to ensure that your advertising campaigns are cost effective and drive the results you desire. We can design the adverts, research the keywords and help test the effectiveness.

We will also develop and manage your campaigns on your behalf. Optimising them over time to improve your click through rate and reduce your cost per click. You will also get over £100 worth of free advertising vouchers (if you have not already claimed these as an Unlimited hosting customer)

The Cost is £75 a year to manage and optimise your adverts, plus your advertising budget, which can be paid directly to us or directly to the advertising network.


Search Engine Optimisation is about getting your website to the top of the natural search results displayed by the major search engines for specific serach terms. This can help drive thousands of visitors to your website for free.

Getting good rankings on a search engine is not an overnight job, It takes planning, design and execution to succeed. Fortunately we can offer this on your behalf. From Keyword Research, On page analysis, Search engine submission and link building we can offer services that will assist you in acheiving your goals.

Current Services:

Keyword Research - £10 - We will produce a report detailing the demand and competition of various keywords for a particular topic.

Search Engine Submission - £5 - We will submit your website to the major search engines

100 Social Bookmarks - £15 - We submit your website to social bookmarking sites such as digg and delicious.

150 Directory Submissions - £15 - We will submit your website to 150 directories with a PR3 or more

A full range of products will be available soon

Our Process

We use the agile approach to project management, and we work with you every step of the way to ensure that your requirements are met and exceeded within agreed timescales and budgets.

Fill out the form below and we will contact you via your preferred method (Telephone or email) and discuss your requirements and budgets in depth. We can then arrange further meetings, webinars or workshops to further understand your business and your needs.

We will then create a business case, explaining in detail what we will do and the costs involved and the benefits for your business. We will also outline any extra services that we feel may be of benefit to you.

Upon confirmation to proceed we will work with you and keep you reguarly updated with your project build. Upon completion we will carry out comprehensive testing and will provide assistance and make amendments as required until you are delighted with your website.

Points Web Hosting Solution

At Points web hosting we work hard to make sure we exceed your expectations, and keep you informed every step of the way. As well as using our expertise, we guide you and give advice, so you can focus on your business.

Any questions? Contact our UK based support service and we will be more than happy to help you.

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  • Database setup
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  • Script Installation
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  • Internet Marketing
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